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hello [Sunday the 28th, 05.28PM]

[ mood | artistic ]

I'm new to the community but I'm a huge Jeffree Star fan. I'm a songwriter and I hope to make some friends here. Take care all.

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Does anyone have the original photo? [Tuesday the 10th, 07.43PM]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey other Jeffree fans, I was wondering if anyone has the original photo without the black and white and text?

I know it exist because of this other photo:

Look at the very right and what do you see? It's there in color and all. Thanks to anyone who can help. :)

UPDATE 9/23/12


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Because I'm sure this will intrest someone. [Thursday the 2nd, 07.08PM]

Cunt Melodramatic archivce on The WayBack Machine
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[Wednesday the 13th, 10.50AM]


b y :   n a o m i   ' l o l l i r o t '   s t e p h e n s o n

r u l e s : :
[ 00 ] . KEYWORD credit 'LollirotAngel'.
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[ 00 ] . No self editing icon.
[ 00 ] . Credit linked to me if outside LJ.

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[Saturday the 9th, 01.24AM]

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Havent seen this one posted [Friday the 7th, 01.10AM]

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[Thursday the 29th, 08.44PM]


The Moses
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